Samsung Reveals High-Performance 8TB SSD in Next-generation NF1 Form FactorSamsung Reveals High-Performance 8TB SSD in Next-generation NF1 Form Factor

8TB SSD: Samsung is known for developing extraordinary smartphones as well as accessories. The company has recently rolled out a high-capacity SSD card which offers great performance. Samsung has introduced an 8TB (eight-terabyte) NF1 SSD, a Next-generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF). The tech firm has specially produced the latest innovation for data center, the new 8TB NF1 SSD is boosted for data-intensive analytics and virtualization purposes. It is claimed that the buyers can store about 72 NF1 drives in a 2U range and by 8TB can catch a quantity of 576TB.

The company has manufactured the latest SSD with 16 of Samsung’s 512-gigabyte (GB) NAND sets which is combined with 16 layers of 256 gigabits (Gb) 3-bit V-NAND chips. The tiny 11cm x 3.05cm device produces a powerful 8TB density. So, overall, the storage has been doubled which are produced by the M.2 NVMe SSD (11cm x 2.2cm) generally managed in hyper-scale server configurations and ultra-slim laptops.

According to the company, the NF1 SSDs will take over the 2.5” NVMe SSDs since the latest device comes with higher density in the identical structure part. It is said to allow up to thrice the system density in user’s server base, providing for an unusual 576TB of storage range in the modern 2U rack servers. Gadgetsay has been reported that the company has also a latest great production controller in the NF1 SSD.

Samsung Reveals High-Performance 8TB SSD in Next-generation NF1 Form Factor
Samsung Reveals High-Performance 8TB SSD in Next-generation NF1 Form Factor

The controller carries the NVMe 1.3 protocol and PCIe 4.0 interface, achieving persistent read and write rate at 3,100MB/s and 2,000MB/s, respectively along with the random rates of 500K IOPS read and 50K IOPS write. It is claimed that the new-generation NF1 SSSs in an initiative server can function above 1 million IOPS in a 2U track. The new-gen device comes with a 2GB LPDDR4 DRAM to facilitate speedier and increased power-effective data processing.

The NF1 NVMe SSD is more advanced compared to the previous variant. It is produced with a duration level of 1.3 drive write per day (DWPD), that backs writing an undivided 8TB of data 1.3 times a day covering its three-year warranty period, to secure long-term data safety. Samsung intends to supplement their 256Gb 3-bit V-NAND SSD by a 512Gb variant to come later this year to provide more high-speed processing for huge data applications. It will also stimulate the extension in an upcoming project and data centers.

Senior Vice President of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics, Sewon Chun said, “By introducing the first NF1 NVMe SSD, Samsung is taking the investment efficiency in data centers to new heights. We will continue to lead the trend toward enabling ultra-high density data centers and enterprise systems by delivering storage solutions with unparalleled performance and density levels.”

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