SolarCell remote control

At the first virtual premiere event before CES 2021, Samsung announced the new Neo QLED TV series and many other interesting products. Samsung also announced that they will adopt several long-term sustainable development plans to adjust TV business operations. The new SolarCell remote control is among them.

SolarCell remote control

SolarCell Remote Control

First of all, Samsung TVs will come with solar remote controls in 2021. The new SolarCell remote control can get power via indoor lights, outdoor lights or USB. Samsung claims that this new SolarCell remote will help prevent the wastage of 99 million AAA batteries expected in seven years. To build the remote control, Samsung used plastic from recyclable bottles.

SolarCell remote control

There is a solar panel on the back of this remote control. The traditional AAA battery compartment has disappeared. It’s replaced by a built-in lithium battery, which is expected to last for one year. The rear of the remote control has a Type-C interface, which is consistent with current Android phones. Although the AAA batteries of mainstream TV remotes usually last a long time, users still need to replace them. This is not environmentally friendly. To pay tribute to the theme of sustainability in 2021, Samsung has manufactured this remote control for Neo QLED. Samsung said the TV remote control every family must have. So if we can replace all non-replaceable battery design, it will reduce 20 million one-time electric AAA battery trash. Samsung made this remote control of renewable materials, and Samsung will equip this remote control in all Neo QLEDs.

SolarCell remote control

The recently-released Neo QLED TV series uses quantum Mini LED screens and quantum matrix technology that can perform ultra-fine and precise control of densely arranged LEDs. Neo QLED increases the brightness to 12bit, 4096 levels, which helps to make dark areas darker and bright areas brighter, resulting in a more precise and immersive HDR experience.


Samsung’s ‘green environmental protection’ plans

Reduce carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. Samsung will seek to systematically reduce its overall carbon footprint in the TV manufacturing industry. The company will also seek to reduce user power consumption and use more recycled materials throughout the TV line.

Sustainable packaging design. Based on valuable consumer feedback, Samsung is extending its award-winning ‘eco-packaging’ design to all 2021 lifestyle TVs and most of the new 2021 QLED series. This sustainable solution can update up to 200,000 tons of corrugated boxes per year. By reducing the text and graphic images on the ecological packaging, the color printing oil-based inks traditionally used for TV boxes are eliminated, which helps to further reduce waste.

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