Samsung 600MP Camera

Today, Samsung’s sensor business team and Vice President Yongin Park wrote that the company is working to develop Samsung 600MP camera lens. He further added that Samsung aims to deliver small camera sensors that are capable of matching the resolution of the human eye.

Earlier, the company launched the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone loaded with the 108MP sensor. It earned lots of headlines for the company over the last few months. Along with improving the overall performance of phones, the manufacturer is emphasizing on camera technology swiftly by upgrading from 12MP shooters to larger lenses over a short span.

Samsung 600MP Camera

Furthermore, the brand is working to improve pixel binning technology to produce larger sensors. We have come across much-used 64MP and 108MP sensors earlier. And now Samsung is targeting to bang the market with Samsung 600MP camera integrated devices. The post also discloses that the company is targeting to create new technologies to change the overall impact of the photography.

As per the present scenario, prime applications for image sensors have been in the smartphone corridor. But now we can expect it to stretch to other fast-growing fields like IoT, drones, and autonomous vehicles etc. Samsung is the leading brand to have small-pixels and high-resolution lenses that will further continue through 2020 and later.

In terms of the official statement, the relentless innovation and determination have helped to grab endless possibilities in pixel technologies. It aims to deliver sensors that will have the potential to capture the detail even more than the human eye.

In the meantime, the company hasn’t revealed any timeline for the launch of the 600MP sensor. But we can expect the company to arrive in the near future. To note, Samsung had jumped from 64MP to 108MP in just six months.

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