Samsung Chief Jay Y. Lee: In the last six months, the biggest tech company Samsung has faced two major problems. The first news, which we have seen was the explosion of Galaxy Note 7. This device has ruined many valuable assets of the people’s. The second and most famous news of the Samsung is the arrest of Jay Y. Lee on Thursday.

Samsung’s Billionaire Chief Is Now In Jail
Samsung’s Billionaire Chief Is Now In Jail

Jay Y. Lee is the chief member of Samsung and a multi-billionaire. His age is 48 year and he has been arrested in a corruption case. This caused the blame of President Park Geun-Hye. This was the verdict which was analyzed by the constitutional court of the state.

Seoul Detention Centre said that Lee is not allowed to meet anyone including other prisoners as he is alleged in a single cell. He has been arrested in company with the associates of President Park Geun-Hye’s group.

Chief Jay Y. Lee
jay Y. Lee

Jay Lee’s name is in the list of rich peoples. He has approximately $6.2 billion wealth and a $4 million residence located in Seoul. He is also the chief of Samsung consumer electronic group. Now, he is not in his luxurious world, he is in the detention center. There he will not get any preferential care and his daily food will include rice and a side dishes. The food will cost some $1.26 only. He is kept in a 71 square feet corner and a toilet in the spot. He will get no more comfort bathe.

The outsiders can meet Lee but only for 30 minutes. There will be a glass separation between Lee and the outsider. Lee is not allowed to meet the other detainee of the case because of safety and risk of loss of evidence. Beside all its riches, Lee is also an associate of Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews situated in Scotland.

Samsung is the arrest of Chief Jay Y. Lee
Samsung is the arrest of Jay Y. Lee

The other detainees were Choi Soon-sil, the person whom Lee blames of suborning. The other prisoners were the state ex-culture minister and ex-presidential chief of employees. Let’s look forward, whether the company will face a huge loss of gain after the arrest of one of its chief members. It seems that Samsung will never go down as their shares are rising day by day. It is doing superior working than the competitive company, Apple.

We can say that the other tech giants have a good chance to move forward in the production of various gadgets.


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