Future Samsung Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X Cost RevealedFuture Samsung Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X Cost Revealed

Galaxy X: As we all know, Samsung is actively working on the production of the foldable phone. Many rumored reports are hitting the internet world since last year, but we are not yet sure about the upcoming release. Gadgetsay has reported many rumored claims about the future foldable Samsung smartphones. Now, we got the most interesting report of the year. All the Samsung enthusiasts were eagerly waiting to know the price of such top-specs smartphone.

The tech-giant is presently foretold to produce the high-tech smartphone with a jaw-dropping price tag. The reports claim that it could be launched at KRW 2 million (around INR 1,25,000 and $1,850). It could be coming soon next year. The company can present the best-ever concept in MWC 2019 in Barcelona. They could also introduce its next-gen Galaxy S-Series flagship (maybe Galaxy S10) at CES, next year. It is also claimed that the foldable concept is to be called Galaxy X.

Future Samsung Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X Cost Revealed
Future Samsung Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X Cost Revealed

The cost of the Samsung’s phone will be definitely more than the current rival Apple’s iPhone X which is available at around $999. The ZTE Axon M has already given a glimpse of the foldable smartphone which comes at a high price tag similar to iPhone X. As per previous rumors, the foldable smartphone will be developed with high-level technologies which will offer better screen and multi-tasking features. The screen is expected to be of the 7.3-inch display panel, if completely open. The size will be converted to the 4.3-inch exterior panel when folded.

Future Samsung Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X Cost Revealed
Future Samsung Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X Cost Revealed

Samsung has always tried to introduce new technologies which are never seen before. They were the first to invent the curved display in round smartphone, but soon it vanished from the market. However, the curved display is seen in every smartphone at present, including iPhone. The changes and modifications received by the Samsung smartphones are commendable. In January, the company has revealed a prototype of the foldable model at CES which seems interesting.

Samsung is trying to release the foldable smartphone as soon as possible as there are many other companies who are working on the concept as well. The tech-giants including Apple, Huawei, Motorola, and ZTE are also planning to execute a related concept that is expected to be launched after Samsungs’ smartphone. Meanwhile, it is also rumored that the South Korean company is developing a next-gen high-range Samsung Galaxy S9 possibly by 2019. The company has also some plans to reveal various mid-range phones by the end of this year.

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