Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung China’s official website starts retailing the Galaxy A71 5G coupled with 8GB RAM, 128 ROM for 3,399 Yuan (US$483.08). The Dxomark just delivered a score of 84 points to the Galaxy A71 5G smartphone camera and it is in par with the other mid-range smartphones. However, the image quality is as expected but not up the flagship smartphone standards. 

Dxomark score Samsung Galaxy A71

DXOMARK remarked that the Samsung Galaxy A71 was designed not to rival its flagship phones, A71 performance was no better than the older A9 we tested a year ago. Both the main and the super-wide-angle cameras can shoot good exposure with saturated colors and dynamic range. However, the disappointing green overexposure color was visible when used outdoors on a sunny day. The Bokeh shooting for portrait effect is better compared to the A9 but, the A71 night shooting and zoom quality were not good. Image sharpness suffered as the autofocus often failed.

In taking video, difficulties occurred due to the same autofocus failure, which results in unstable subject tracking and a lack of video sharpness.

DXOMARK recommends Samsung loyal photographers and videographers to buy the flagship models and for budget-conscious buyers to find other midrange brands that have a better camera performance.

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Samsung Galaxy A71 5G 6.7-inch panel Super AMOLED Plus comes in Radium Black, Cut Blue, and Carved Silver case colors. The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G has an Exynos 980 dual-mode 5G SoC chip, with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal memory, built-in 4500mAh battery, and supports 25W fast charging.

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