Samsung Galaxy A82

A few days ago, Samsung released the new Galaxy A52 5G smartphone. But we are waiting for another smartphone from the A series to hit the market soon. According to GSMArena, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy A82 in the near future. The A8X series directly skipped a generation, jumping from the A80 in 2019 to the A82, and is expected to continue its unique flip lens design. This means that the rear lens can be rotated to the front and the main camera can be used for selfies. At the same time, this should be the first 5G phone to use a flip lens.

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There are rumors that the main rear camera sensor of the Samsung Galaxy A82 will be provided by Sony instead of Samsung itself. The sensor may be the Sony IMX686, which supports 64MP photography, just like the previously released A52. The latter comes with a 64-megapixel ultra-clear quad-camera. The A82’s camera configuration should not be lower than this, which is still worth looking forward to.

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Past benchmark tests have shown that the Samsung Galaxy A82 is likely to use the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, which was launched by Qualcomm two years ago. The high-capacity version of the chip may be renamed to the Snapdragon 860 and sold as Qualcomm’s highest-performance 4G chip this year. Although we should point out that the Snapdragon 860 has not yet been officially launched. Anyways, the Samsung Galaxy A82 should also have a 5G version. But what a chip it will use still remains unknown.

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