Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The first-gen Samsung folding screen smartphone was launched a few months back. But it passed a long way before finally appearing on the shelves. We mean, if you remember, the first model that should go on sale had a hinge problem. And it took a few more months before the manufacturer fixed it. But it seems this didn’t prevent the company from working on the second-gen model. We have heard too many rumors and seen too many leaks concerning this model. And today, SamMobile reported the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is going to hit the market in August. Though there is no official statement, the phone has already gone on mass production.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Some reliable sources from South Korea claim the production order was given in the last several days. They include the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) technology. Those who are unaware, it would make the Galaxy Fold 2 utilize this solution after the Galaxy Z Flip. So this handset is going to be more durable than its direct predecessor.

It’s naïve to think the foldable smartphones are everywhere and very popular. But we should admit this technology is mature. We mean it’s expected the prices of such products should start declining. But this should happen not now. We mean the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is still going to cost much. According to previous reports, the device is likely to start at around $1,880 in the United States. This is $100 cheaper but still not affordable for many customers.

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In 2019, the initial production volume of the first-gen model was approximately 500,000 units. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to have a larger volume of 3-4 million units. As a reminder, this butch is being prepared for the August launch.

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