In the smartphone market, Samsung has always provided the best quality and specs as promised by the company. But now it’s not about how good the device is and how good the specs are, It is about how big Samsung can deliver to the users. Yes, you heard me right. The users are demanding a big variant device after Samsung stated that there will be a device coming soon with 6GB of RAM variant supporting 128 GB of internal on Galaxy Note 7.

But that is not what exactly happened Samsung launched the device with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory. Now that doesn’t mean that the company has just skipped the previous plan. The company still has plans in launching the device with 6GB RAM variant as stated before.

The company has stated that the smartphone will be launched in the Chinese market, According to Korean times report Dong Jin Koh who is Samsung’s Mobile chief said at a conference in Seoul that company is planning to introduce a 128GB version of the phone in the China. He then stated that Samsung will roll Android Nougat 7.0 update for its smartphones in the period of two to three months. Only after the feedback from the users.

Now Samsung has to release the device at any cost because there are other devices with big specs like 6GB RAM out there. Recently launched One Plus 3 already has 6GB RAM. Now this might be a competitor for Samsung to break the walls and release the device soon. Also, the users will not be convinced with 4GB RAM. Because a device with higher RAM is already spinning the market. But it looks like Samsung is totally struggling in the chinese market.

From last three years, The sales have dropped continuously in a row. Now Samsung has a chance to get the smartphone market back with its high-end specs to attract the users. The price of the smartphone is expected to be above $900.

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