Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Caused $1 Billion To CompanySamsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Caused $1 Billion To Company

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You have already heard about the suspension statement from Samsung for galaxy note7. Recently when Samsung got many reports, about the newly launched Samsung galaxy note 7 explosion due to battery issues. They finally stopped the sales of note 7 smartphones. Also according to reports, they will be recruiting the remaining phones from 10 countries.

According to sources, the shipments of note 7 to India was canceled, after the news got out about note 7 explosions. According to the south Korean reports, Samsung has been hit with a $740 million loss due to this. And also some other sources are calling as $1 billion

Hwang quoted, “In this case, it could cut Samsung’s operating profit by SKW 400 billion, given its operating margin and sell prices. The recall is a negative factor in the short term, but will surely be a wise decision because other alternative measures are unlikely to help Samsung regain confidence from consumers and investors.”

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Samsung messaged to people in India, who pre-booked the note 7 by saying “Thank you for pre-booking Galaxy Note 7. We regret to inform that delivery of your Galaxy Note 7 is being delayed. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. You can be assured that we are working hard to deliver your Galaxy Note 7 to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.”

Samsung has Also stated that the explosion issue was due to battery fault,But they said that the battery is only affecting 0.1 percent of the phones worldwide. With that being said the south Korean company Recalled all devices for the safety of the customers. Samsung then stated that they don’t want to embarrass their customers for being the victim of company’s fault, So they said they are working on an exchange program, And all the users who had their devices exploded will be exchanged. Also, you aren’t allowed using VR before your replacement.

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