As GalaxyClub reported today, Samsung’s new smartphone charger with a model number EP-TA865 has passed the certification of the Korea Radio Wave Research Institute. It is speculated that the charger may support 65W fast charging. Is it for the Samsung Galaxy S21?

The EP-TA845 is the original charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series and supports up to 45W fast charging. But later Samsung models do not support 45W fast charging. Even the current flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series doesn’t support such a charging power.

However, the certified charger is not yet clear which model it will be used for. But the biggest possibility has the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) series models that are going to be released early next year. Of course, as you understand, even if so, other models may support it as well.

Samsung Galaxy S21 65W charger

In addition, considering Samsung’s previous practices, there is every reason to think the Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) series may support 65W fast charging but come only with a 25W charger. Honestly, this is a common practice and many manufacturers use it.

For other manufacturers, the use of high-power fast charging technology is not rare. For example, OPPO, OnePlus and Realme have popularized 65W fast charging technology on various new phones. At the same time, manufacturers such as Xiaomi and VIVO have also adopted fast charging technology of the 100W and higher.

Samsung Galaxy S21 65W charger

For the Samsung Galaxy S21/30 series, there is not much information currently available. But many analysts and users believe that Samsung will launch this series of models at the end of this year or early next year.

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