This Is How Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Try To Kill Desktop ComputersThis Is How Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Try To Kill Desktop Computers

Samsung Trying To Clone the Continuum Feature For Galaxy S8

As Samsung suffered a setback and had to face embarrassment due to the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it is in great need of winning back its customers. There are plentiful rumors of the new Galaxy S8 circulating around numerous tech and gadget community sites.

According to the latest rumor, the Korean tech giant Samsung is trying to clone the Continuum feature for its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, so users can seamlessly sync their Galaxy phones to a PC. Continuum is a Windows 10 feature which Microsoft has already released with the Lumia Smartphones that turns your smartphone into PC when connected via keyboard, mouse and monitor.

An alleged leak of a slide from a Samsung presentation has been reported by All About Windows Phone (AAWP). It shows a phone connected to a LCD screen, along with a keyboard and mouse complete with apps, folders and multiple windows all visible at once. The slide is entitled ‘Samsung Desktop Experience: Next Mobile Workspace‘.

Samsung has opted for a rather basic interface, quite simple, with a workspace at the top and a function bar at bottom with notifications that can show running apps, time and the phone’s battery. It seems that the desktop will be able to accommodate shortcuts pointing to applications and the windows opened by us will also appear here.

A mobile PC definitely comes in handy and gets the job done at all time. This feature will provide a full-fledged desktop experience along with multi-window multi-tasking since having a larger display always works as an advantage. However, it’s unclear how the TouchWiz Android interface could be functioning with the Galaxy S8. If this speculation holds true, the Galaxy S8 would add a feather to its cap and will be a big selling point.

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