Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipping Started In Some CountriesSamsung Galaxy S8 Shipping Started In Some Countries

Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipping: Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 phones on March 29 at an event in New York. We have heard many exciting features of this latest Samsung flagship. The pre-booking of Galaxy S8 has previously started. Now, the time has come to send the smartphone of Samsung.

The pre-orders of Samsung Galaxy S8 started three weeks earlier. The smartphone had a huge pre-booking. Now, Samsung has started shipping Galaxy S8 in some countries. The names of the countries are US, Canada, Puerto Rico and South Korea. Samsung will soon add some more cities on the list after a week.

As we have told earlier, Samsung has launched Galaxy S8 along with Galaxy S8 plus. The Galaxy S8 smartphone will be available for $725 and the advance Galaxy S8+ at $825. The Galaxy S8+ will come with a larger size display. The Samsung’s smartphone will feature a display of 5.8 and 6.2 inches respectively. Both the phone carry some similar features. You can view all the specifications and features of Galaxy S8 in our previous article.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipping Started In Some Countries
Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipping Started In Some Countries

Earlier, Samsung said to present Bixby virtual assistant in Galaxy S8 flagship. Later, the Company claimed, the virtual assistant will come with limited features. The full version of this virtual assistant will be available in a software update on this spring.

According to reports, this will be a previously launch of Samsung smartphone. This statement was said because a small incident happened with Korean users. Some Korean users have got their pre-orders in advance. They have noticed a red tint in their phone’s display. The manufacturer claimed that the red tint is not any fault in the hardware. This problem can be solved by adjusting the screen setting of the smartphone.

On the other hand, the customers who recently received the Galaxy S8 admired the smartphone. It is said the most promising smartphone in the smartphone market. We hope that Samsung will soon start the shipping of Galaxy S8 and S8+ in other cities.

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