Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Feature A Headphone JackSamsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Feature A Headphone Jack

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Have Headphone Jack? Yes Samsung Has Something else to say, Galaxy S8 Will Not Have Headphone Jack.

In a report, Samsung teased the upcoming iPhone 7 which will not feature a headphone jack. Now Samsung is trying to simulate the same done by iPhone 7. Yes, this is true. According to reports, Samsung Galaxy S8 which is going to be launched soon around February 2017 will not feature any headphone jack.

Galaxy S8 will have a similar feature of same headphone jack design. The up to date SamMobile has posted an article which informs us that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to copy the design of the headphone jack from iPhone 7. In place of the headphone jack, they will use a USB Type-C port to control the audio. Samsung will launch its smartphone soon and from this, we came to know that the next-generation Samsung smartphone is inspired by iPhone 7.

Like other Samsung phones, you will not be able to listen to music and charge your smartphone simultaneously. We are anticipating Galaxy S8 to include wireless charging, which will let you use the audio player and the charging facility altogether. It will feature 4096 x 2160 screen resolution. Galaxy S8 will allegedly have a 2K screen identical to its forerunner, but the Super AMOLED screen will be made of the latest substance which will make it an enhanced value.

The latest OLED display contains benchmark RGB preparation. Compared to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 it will have additional pixel. The display will consume less power hence the battery capacity will increase. Galaxy S8 will not have the home button and because of this, the display will become wider. The fingerprint sensor will be fixed on the screen.

Samsung will reveal its smartphone in next year February and the conference will be held at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They refused to reveal all the features because they wanted to disclose it in the conference. So let’s wait till the conference to know more features of the Galaxy S6.

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