Samsung Will Launch Two Foldable Smartphone In 2017

After adapting its Smartphone with OLED display from, Samsung is apparently working on their foldable smartphones. They will launch its two models of foldable Smartphones in this upcoming year. According to Etnews reports, Samsung Electronics is all set to introduce a ‘dual-screen’ Smartphone which will have a flat display on each part plus a Smartphone phone with sole adaptable OLED screen. They also added: for a better marketing purpose Samsung is advised to manufacture a lesser quantity of twofold -display Smartphone’s in 2017.

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According to the South Korean giant, since past three years, Samsung is trying to manufacture a foldable screen Smartphone which is named as Samsung Galaxy X. They also added that the Smartphone will be 5-inch when closed and will expand to 7-inch tablet when unlocked. Samsung has teamed up some public as well as overseas companies for the manufacturing of the foldable phones.

Samsung Will Launch Two Foldable Smartphone In 2017

Some of the features of the Samsung foldable Smartphone are a dual flat screen on both parts. The two flat screens are joined by a hinge which allows the Smartphone to fold. When you fully fold the Smartphone you will not able to see the screen. After the release of the dual display Smartphone, the other one will be launched.

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The possible features of the other one are likely is tipped to model a board can be twisted and then you can see the screen also when you close the Smartphone that is you can also see the display on the rear side when the phone is closed. It will have a superior hardware which will support its display on the rear as well as on the front side.

Previously, Samsung has revealed some news for its two Smartphone will feature flexible screens at MWC 2017. Some report says that the first Smartphone will be launched in this upcoming year but there is no news of accurate release date. Samsung is taking a step forward in the world of foldable phones and let’s see who will be the next.

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