Samsung 250MP ISOCELL Sensor

The technology giant Samsung is at the apex of the camera sensors industry now. As per the recent report by the foreign news media sammobile, Samsung has already begun to develop the Samsung 250MP ISOCELL Sensor. In a related post, we have come to know that the company has completed the development phase of 150MP camera sensors.

Samsung has done a revolutionary job in the camera sensor technologies. Since the evolution of the 64MP camera lens, the firm has never looked back. The 64MP sensor was a successful attempt to one-up SONY’s 48MP lens.

In 2019, Samsung launched the 108MP that occupied space in the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone. It was revealed earlier this year. Furthermore, the company also has exposed its intention to develop a 600MP camera sensor to surmount the human eye’s capabilities.

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Samsung 250MP ISOCELL Sensor

If we believe another report from China, Samsung has just signed off the production of 150MP ISOCELL lens. In the meantime, the firm has started to work on the Samsung 250MP ISOCELL Sensor. However, we have nothing to say about the under-development sensor’s features and specifications yet.

But we can assume the upcoming 250MP lens to be a 1-inch sensor or even bigger. At the same time, bigger sensors also face fitting conflicts while installing in slim handsets.

When it comes to comparing the size of recent sensors, the 64MP S5KGW2 lens measures 1/1.72-inch, whereas the 108MP S5KHM1 scales 1/1.33-inch in size. Further, the brand is most likely to execute the 9-in-1 Nonacell Pixel Binning technology to ensure 27MP still images. We can expect to listen more about Samsung’s 250MP ISOCELL camera sensor in the coming months.

In other leaks, Xiaomi will be the first brand to introduce the 150MP sensor through its flagship later this year. Similarly, Oppo and Vivo will also integrate this lens in their flagship handsets in the first half of 2021.

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