Last year, Xiaomi launched the Mi MIX Alpha, a concept smartphone with a 5G support and a surround screen form factor. The full screen surrounds the body, and the screen-to-body ratio reaches 180.6%. The front, back, and sides of the phone are all ‘screens’. So could you imagine what a shocking visual effect it brings when the screen is lit. Today, some media sources showed the Samsung surround screen patent. By the way, it was applied for in July 2020.

Like the Mi MIX Alpha, the body is also surrounded by screens, and the screen-to-body ratio also exceeds 100%. It still yields the Xiaomi model. But as Samsung has applied for such a patent, there is every reason to think other major manufacturers liked this idea and will work on it.

Samsung surround screen

Unlike the Xiaomi MIX Alpha, Samsung’s display of this surround-screen solution cleverly hides the camera. And you can see the camera by pushing the screen up. Thus, still, we are dealing with a sliding phone.

It is worth noting that because the back and the front are surrounded by the screen, holding this phone in the hand is really similar to ‘holding a screen’.

Of course, considering that the slider phones have been withdrawn from the market, and what Samsung has shown is that the patent is not a finished product. We mean there is still doubt whether it will be launched on the market.

Anyway, one thing is clear – Samsung surround screen patent proves Samsung has been thinking on such a project. So one day, it may become a final product.

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