Samsung Will Only Launch 4G Phones In India And Here Is The ReasonSamsung Will Only Launch 4G Phones In India And Here Is The Reason

After 4G heavy flames within the country India, Samsung plans to launch only 4G enabled phones from now. Samsung Electronics will make all the future phones including the entry level mid-range smartphones with 4G capacity.

Company expected to gain market shares soon after 4G phones launch, Samsung also explains about the 2017 upcoming plan to get its 4G plans all across India.

Indian users started getting 4G speed after the recent plan adopted by Reliance Jio, Reliance Jio offered incredibly amazing offers to 4G users and since then the country went crazy on 4G internet speed.

With the growing demand for Internet speed in India, Samsung’s decision to only manufacture 4G capacity smartphones, Samsung Electronics’ VP said “Nearly 80 percent of the smartphone users have shifted to 4G-enabled handsets” the comment based on business in India which is developing in rural areas also.

Samsung Electronics’ VP also stated, “If we have planned on 4G that means Samsung is serious on Indian Market, where it already enjoying 48.6 percent market share.”

Samsung Copied Reliance Jio?

My Galaxy App
My Galaxy App

Samsung also just introduced ‘My Galaxy App‘ just how Reliance introduced its Jio app. On new Samsung My Galaxy App user will have all the basic functions such as Music, Movies, gaming, Bill payments, Hire Cabs, Travel, Health and Food. Samsung calls this as ‘all-in-one’ application, the new My Galaxy App will start updated on all the Samsung Galaxy phones in India running Jellybean, users can download the app from Google Play Store Manually.

On statement on Galaxy Note 7

Samsung also stated that they will refund to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 customers, customers can go to the near-by service center to get refunded, customers who purchased it from outside the country can also get refunded on the same process.

Samsung on Galaxy Note 7 said “All the shipped Note 7 to India rolled back manufacturing store and didn’t sell a single device”

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