Samsung Will Resume Sales Of Galaxy Note 7 On September 28Samsung Will Resume Sales Of Galaxy Note 7 On September 28

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On September 2, Samsung officially announced its recall of all 2.5 million Galaxy Note7 units sold until that point. As you surely know by now, this has to do with the batteries in some of these phones being prone to overheating and catching fire.

Samsung Will Resume Sales Of Galaxy Note7 On September 28. After all the Samsung’s Galaxy note 7 explosion reports from Samsung users, the company decided to shut the sales and re-collected devices from several countries. But Samsung promised that they will replace the exploded devices, So far, a couple of thousand devices has been replaced by the company.

But after the shutdown order from Samsung, they did every possible thing to bring the devices back to the market as soon as possible. And on Friday, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd stated that they will resume the selling of new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to South Korean customers from Sept. 28.

The earnings expectations were dropped at a huge rate for the South Korean tech giant after the announcement of a recall of Note 7 devices due to battery problems, which were leading to explosions . From reports, they recollected the devices from 10 different markets.

According to statistics, Samsung has received around 92 reports of batteries overheating only in the United States , Also 6 more reports of burns and 55 cases of property damage. This recall has caused Samsung sale dropping percentage in big numbers.

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According to some Analytics, the recall order may cause Samsung around $5 billion of revenue this year. And along with that the reputation of the company is at high risk because the company already sold about 2.5 million phones with faulty batteries.

A Samsung spokeswoman told Reuters, the schedule for restarting sales for the device elsewhere, including the United States, will depend on the circumstances for the individual markets. The firm has said, it expects new sales to resume in Australia sometime in early October. Also, Samsung has announced the recall of about 1 million Note 7 devices on Thursday in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Samsung stated that the resume on sales will start issuing replacement devices in South Korea on Sept. 19, and the US replacements will start on September 21.

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