The Most Scariest Search Engine On Internet For Hackers Is 'Shodan'The Most Scariest Search Engine On Internet For Hackers Is 'Shodan'

Shodan was launched in 2009, John Matherly created it and named it after the villainous computer in the video game System Shock. This is not like the other normal search engines its name is defined as the ‘world’s scariest search engine’.And it is also known as the hacker search engine.

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This search engine gives results that even the world’s most used engine google cannot provide. This search engine is created in such a way that it aims to link all the devices connected to the Internet. Hackers got addicted and enjoyed playing with it as it provides the information required for anything From a victims info to hacking a server.

This search engine works by collecting and stacking HTTP addresses from various devices linked over the Internet across the world. When it comes to index it is managed by country, operating system and brand of the user.

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This search engine has got too many powerful features like it can detect the traffic lights, security cameras, control systems for gas stations, power grids, and even nuclear power plants. These are some services for the public but when it can be accessed by hackers the outcome could be ugly for the society.

Here is a quick tip for you. If you have security cameras installed in your home or if you’re planning so then you might want to think about enabling telnet security. Because these hackers who use Shodan can easily access your cameras but you can secure it by improving your security.

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Shodan can track and hack devices that still has default passwords or some devices that have not any passwords because it connects to all the devices connected to the internet. If you provide a reasonable reason to this website to check these devices and get the information then it is not hard to find out anything in that device.

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