You've Been Searching Wrong On Google Your Entire LifeYou've Been Searching Wrong On Google Your Entire Life

We all search several things on google daily and though google is one of the best search engines we do not get exact results and this will eat our time for no reason. So this article is about searching techniques that you should follow and every internet user must know.

We think that searching something on google just by typing and browsing the links on the first page is the only thing that will give us the results we want. But there is a lot more than just searching something and finding the required content on google’s first page.

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There are certain methods of searching the content and it depends on what type of content you are searching because searching a picture and a movie timings are two different things and if you perform same searching technique for both the things you cannot get the best results for both the things.

Here are some suggestions on how to do a proper search on google.

1. Use Keywords

When you’re searching something on google always remember to add the best possible keyword of that particular topic. This will help the engine to give you exact results. A keyword is the most repeated word or the most crucial word in your content. Like if you’re searching for best smartphones of Android then Android is the keyword.

2. Website Specific Searches

If you’re searching something that is available on a website and you know the website then adds the website following with your keyword and your topic. This will give enough information to the search engine to give you exact results.

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3. Searching Definitions

Do you know? you can listen the audio of any word with the definition with the text. by clicking the megaphone icon.

4. Translate Words

Now you can translate words from one language to another by typing your word after translate and select your language.

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These are the following techniques to get exact information by google and understand words, listen to definition directly you can also perform calculations by typing the number after the type of math you want to perform for example “square root of 1432”.

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