When it comes to learning about codes and tricks, everyone is interested . And we all want to know advanced features like hidden functions, from “secret keys” to “codes” in all gadgets. Because with the help of those codes and secret keys, we can perform tasks easily in a shortcut method. Like in some smartphones, when you enter secret codes, it gives some output directly in one tap.

We all have heard about the secret codes of Apple’s iPhone, Also most of us have googled many times about these hidden codes. But it ain’t easy to find out all of them. Here you can get top secret codes of an iPhone.

1. Have you ever wondered, If you can mask your own phone number for real? Well here is the secret code for you then.


2. In order to do this, All you need to do is add #31# before the phone number, And you’re good to go.


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3. So when you do this, Your phone number will not be shown to the receiver. Instead, it will show No Caller ID.


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4. You can also change your signal Bars into numbers, Just by doing this simple method.


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5. Now to do this, All you need to is enter this number *3001#12345#* then call this number. And that is it, You can see your signal indication in numbers instead of bars.


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6. Now you might get confused with these numbers instead of a bar. Here is a chart in the picture to understand the signal strength.


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7. You can also check your IMEI number in a matter of seconds. Just dial *#06# and your iPhone’s IMEI number will appear on the display automatically.


8. Here are few codes to know your calling functions like Call Barring, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding Status. This works only if you’ve activated these services on your sim.


Type *33*PIN# Enables Call Baring Service
Type #33*PIN# Disable Call Baring Service
Type *#43# Then call to know Call Waiting status
Type *43# To Enable call waiting
Type #43# To Disable call waiting
Type *#21# To Know Call Forwarding Status

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