Secret Trick To Bypass Windows 8 Password Without Any Software 2016Secret Trick To Bypass Windows 8 Password Without Any Software 2016

This is a very important and useful tutorial, in this tutorial, I am going to show you that how to hack windows 8 password and the best thing is you don’t need any software to do this. People face a lot of problems when they forgot their passcodes and this is the ultimate solution for changing the passcodes.

During the time of tutorial if you find any queries then please feel free to ask us by simply commenting in the comment box and we will get to you asap.

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Things You Need:-

1. Windows 8 Disk or Windows 8 Bootable Pendrive
2. PC or Laptop
3. A Little bit Patience

Step 1: Insert your Windows 7 Disk or bootable Pendrive and then Restart your Pc and after that.

Note: If you are using a bootable pen drive then you have to select your USB device from Boot Menu, Google it if you don’t know the key to open boot Menu because different devices have different keys.

Step 2: When you Get this Screen with This message “Press Any Key To Boot From CD or DVD” then quickly press any key and after some time you will get a Windows Setup window after that click next then click Repair which is located in Lower left side of the screen.

Step 3: After Going To Repair option, Click on troubleshoot, Advanced Option and then Command Prompt.

Step 4: After opening command prompt write the commands according to the order.

dir (HitEnter)
c: (HitEnter)
dir (HitEnter)
cd users (HitEnter)
dir (HitEnter)
cd (HitEnter)
cd windows\system32 (HitEnter)
rename osk.exe osk.old (HitEnter)
rename cmd.exe osk.exe (HitEnter)
exit (HitEnter)

After Exit command Choose Exit and Continue to Windows 8.1.

Step 5: Wait Till the passcode Screen Appears and then tap on the button shown in the image below

Step 6: After tapping on “On-Screen Keyboard“, you will get a Command prompt window and then type the command net user and then hit “Enter” net user (username)  and then net user (username) * and it will show you an option to Type a password for user, type the new password and press enter and then Retype type the password and press enter and then exit, Now type the password in the login screen, voila, you did it.

For Example:

net user (HitEnter)
net user yourpcname (HitEnter)
net user yourpcname * (HitEnter)

Note: While writing the new password in CMD there will no dots or Asterisk but it takes invisible input when you type. Don’t get confused.

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  1. Hey!!..In step 1 you have written”insert your windows 7 disk”…is it a mistake or I really have to insert windows 7 disk….thanks

  2. You really have to insert pirated Windows CD, CD also having Windows Repair functions so it will start repairing your existing windows with previous stage

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