Google Shipped Latest Pixel 2 XL Smartphones Without Android OSGoogle Shipped Latest Pixel 2 XL Smartphones Without Android OS

Pixel 2 XL: Recently, Google has rolled out their latest smartphone with the Android Oreo OS. The latest Google devices are Pixel 2 smartphones which runs the new 8.0 OS. With the launch of Pixel 2, demand has also increased and people are already ordering the smartphones. The smartphone has received a good response from the users. Google came with 2 models of varying dimensions which have achieved to delight the customers.

Along with the satisfied users, there are also dissatisfied customers. According to few reports, some users claimed that they ordered the Pixel 2 XL and got a smartphone without Android OS installed. The devices came from the manufacturer, Google. In the launch event, Google declared their latest smartphones without obstacles and issues. Although, there are little defects which Google is trying to solve these days. Some users have also noticed sound in calls and display dilemmas.

The most recent objection came from Reddit, according to which the Pixel 2 XL was delivered to the buyer without Android OS installed, executed unlikely to operate and finally resulted in a refund. The buyer was expecting a surprise in form of Google smartphone, but it was ridiculous. After switching the smartphone, a message is observed which says “no operating system” installed.

Google Shipped Latest Pixel 2 XL Smartphones Without Android OS
Google Shipped Latest Pixel 2 XL Smartphones Without Android OS

The pop-up message also includes a Google support link which the customer must enter. The issue is that the link didn’t present any assistance to buyers in that circumstance. At first, only one problem was stated, but now it is increasing. Many users have commented on the matter in which most users complained Google for checking the quality handle concerns before leaving the industry without OS.

According to Google, they have completely understood their customer’s problem and thus it is recognized and solved. They have also solved the problem of the buyers who have got the Pixel 2 XL without any OS installed. The company has many other issues relating to the latest Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The issues pointed out that Pixel 2 and XL needs more improvements and enhancements before reaching the customers.

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