Six iPhones Can Protect You From An AK-74 Bullet [Video]Six iPhones Can Protect You From An AK-74 Bullet [Video]

Now a day’s everyone is carrying iPhones with them(Intelligent one). It is good in its look, full of your favourite apps, & a complete pack of entertainment.

When we go to a gadget store to buy a phone we always ask the features of the phone and the feature includes the stiffness of the screen. But did you ever think that your iPhone can also protect your life? If not, then a video of YouTube will prove it.

A Portland established, YouTube channel EverythingApplePro experimented that how many iPhones can save a life.

In this video, you can see a man shooting with a Russian AK-74 on iPhone. He positioned 8 Iphones three iPhone 6 Pluses, two iPhone 6s, one less significant iPhone, one iPhone clone and a Samsung Galaxy S6 in a line and then he shoots through the iPhones.

The First time when he shoots the bullet passes through 1st iPhone and reaches till 5th iPhones. When he fire another bullet then it passes from 1st and stops on the 6th iPhone. If you own a single iPhone then it’s a problem but if you have more than 6 iPhones then the phones will not only entertain you but also it can protect you from a bullet of AK-74.

So this video explains us to have 6 iPhones with us, they mean to say that if we have 6 iPhones then we will be safer than a bulletproof jacket. (I’m purchasing 6 iPhones now and will dance in front of terrorist)

There is another results comes with this experiment, yes iPhone is strong enough to catch steal proof bullets.

Now 6 iPhones will act as a bullet proof jacket for you. The AK-74 was launched in 1974. It is a Russian rifle. This rifle was used in the Russia and Afghanistan war in 1979.

EverythingApplePro choose this rifle for this test because AK74 can make noise when reached up to 2,900 feet. So anyone can shoot a wicked person without knowing the surrounding peoples with AK-74.

But, it is difficult to carry 6 iPhones at a time in your pocket. This is a strict warning for all don’t imitate this test at your home.

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