Skytorrents Completely Ad-free and Privacy-Focused Torrent SiteSkytorrents Completely Ad-free and Privacy-Focused Torrent Site

Skytorrents: The most annoying element of any torrent website are the advertisements. Every torrent site like The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent and KickassTorrents contains adds. When you tap on the search bar, a new tab is opened, which is irritating for the users of a torrent site. Moreover, the torrent sites have been restricted by many legal rules. It offers much free content which often disrupts copyrights.

The ads which create disturbance are especially for producing incomes. It is true that torrent sites depend upon ads for income. There is another big problem with torrent sites it is the privacy of users. The Trump administration permits the ISPs to sell the browsing sites to the leading organization. The torrent sites are assumed to sell users information to the ISPs, and the ISPs sell that private information to the ad promoters.

Skytorrents Completely Ad-free and Privacy-Focused Torrent Site
Skytorrents Completely Ad-free and Privacy-Focused Torrent Site

Recently, a torrent website (Skytorrents) was launched, which respects the privacy of the users. Most important is that the website is completely free from any advertisements. According to the site owners, the website is reliable, ad-free, secrecy aimed torrent search engine. It is similar to Google/Yahoo but for now only for torrents. The company said that the site design is in progress. They need your feedback and problems relating to the plan if any. Skytorrents Site

Skytorrents Completely Ad-free and Privacy-Focused Torrent Site
Skytorrents Completely Ad-free and Privacy-Focused Torrent Site

In a report of TorrentFreak, the site owners said that they promise the site to be free of ads otherwise they will close the site forever. In the future, if they lack capital then they will prefer contribution other than income by advertisement. The users can operate the torrent files without any accounts. Skytorrents don’t utilize JavaScript. The site doesn’t use any CDN, moderators, and cookies which usually stores data of the users. It has a tool which confirms torrents to be real. Whereas 99% of the torrents are already free of any spam and reaches up to 100% in real torrents.

According to TorrentFreak, there are approximately 13,00,000 torrents registered on the website. The reputation of this site has increased from zero to 10,000 on Alexa in a short time. Skytorrents website will give a tough competition to other torrent websites.

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