Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide - What Are The Most Important Things On SmartphonesSmartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide - What Are The Most Important Things On Smartphones

Before Buying a Smartphone What Are The Most Important Things On Smartphones

In these days, Smartphone’s can be seen in everybody’s hand or pocket. It is very difficult to buy a right Smartphone these days. Every person has their own choices. Some people want a high-end smartphone whereas others want cheap smartphones. All smartphones have their own specialties and features but you might get confused to take a correct decision.

Our life is very much depended on the smartphones. It helps us to communicate to our loved ones, to surf rapidly, for chatting, operating various apps, etc. Smartphone has become a part of our daily life. Picking an accurate smartphone is very difficult now a day, but here are some essential features and related recommended smartphone for you. These points will definitely help you in purchasing a smartphone.

Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide
Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide

1) If you want to buy an Android phone:

You should look for Android 7.0 or upper. With this OS you can get good battery life and many apps as well. Android 6.x is not the latest version, but it can be recommended as producers don’t update Android shortly. Android smartphones provide Google maps and Google Voice Search features. You can also download other Google apps in Android.

Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide
Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide

2) If you want to buy an iPhone:

While purchasing an iPhone you should keep in mind the iOS updates. The Apple Company usually updates the iOS for all its devices. Mac is played better on Apple devices. Generally, Apple declares its latest iOS in June and launches it in September. The previous iPhone’s are not expensive, but those cannot compete with the latest features of new iPhones. If you want the latest phone then you have to hold on till the 10th anniversary of iPhone.

Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide
Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide

3) The Screen Size you should prefer to:

You can choose a screen with small size below 4.5 inches. If you want a big screen then you can grab a smartphone with 4.7 to 6 inches or as per your wish. In the larger screen, you should consider minimum 1080p of screen resolution. A screen of 5.5-inch and more should have 560×1, 440 resolution.

Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide
Smartphone Buyers Ultimate Guide

4) The quality of the Camera:

The quality of the camera does not depend on the higher megapixels. A camera with lower 12 MP sometimes takes improved shots than a 16 MP camera. If you want a cheap smartphone then you can buy an 8-megapixel rear camera. A wide-angle and background blur features are available in a smartphone with a double rear camera. A smartphone with Optical image stabilization (OIS) avoid from vibrating hands. Some other features in a good smartphone camera are HDR, self-timers, beauty mode, filters, and effects.

5) Battery capacity and operation:

The battery is the most vital part of a smartphone. It should not exhaust after working only for few hours. A battery with 3000mAh battery or above is good. Some activities exhaust battery rapidly like media player, playing games and full light. A quad-core chipset and 821 Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors can be suggested when it comes to battery life and operation.

6) Some more added features:

The above-mentioned feature is most important features to be considered while purchasing a smartphone. There are some basic features which are included in a smartphone. For example- Fingerprint scanner, MicroSD storage, Water-resistant IP67, Wireless charging, SIM slot, connectivity, Stereo audio speakers, USB-C connector, and Removable battery. The warranty and OEM are also the kept in mind while grabbing a smartphone.

The following are some recommended High-end, Midrange, and cheap smartphones:

Various smartphones are manufactured every day and the customers get confused in selecting a right companies’ smartphone. I’m sure that this article will help you for buying a good smartphone for you.

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