This is The World's First Smartphone With New 5G TechnologyThis is The World's First Smartphone With New 5G Technology

New 5G Technology: The ZTE Gigabit Phone is the world’s first phone that supports 5G network which catches speed up to 1GB per second. This is the phone established by chinese company. The company is going to make the phone publicly at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona in north-eastern Spain the globe largest mobile fair.

The ZTE Gigabit Phone heading for launch in the year 2020. Before 5G network coming to the market, the workers are working very hard on this network so that there is no default when used. For the 5G network, there is introductory information about the wireless technology which is being prepared for the 5th generation.

This is The World's First Smartphone With New 5G Technology
This is The World’s First Smartphone With New 5G Technology

The ZTE spokesman said that the new phone they have invented will connect the people and will be a great change for them in terms of Internet surfing. The 5G network technology is the main concern of ZTE’s for the expansion of the world. The tech giant companies are busy producing new products which will be well-matched for New 5G Technology. The company also promises the fast connectivity for the fifth generation to run movies and TV directly to phones without buffering.

The ZTE Gigabit Phone is power-driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Its characteristics include X16 LTE modem. You can experience the latest 5G technology in your mobile with 360-degree panoramic VR video, immediate cloud storage. You will find an improved entertainment quality and a fast cache of ultra Hi-Fi music and movies.

First Smartphone With New 5G Technology
First Smartphone With New 5G Technology

It also has 4×4 MIMO antenna technology and 256-QM modulation to gain super high speed. It has Intel chips installed with XMM 7560 modem and Samsung’s Exynos Series 9 chipset which is maintained by gigabit LTE speeds. The battery power is 5000mAh.

The Verge stated that Verizon update testing of the 5G network in many cities in the US, for now, AT&T is going to test the 5G network this year. In 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang South Korea, transporter KT Corp targeted as 5G trial facility.

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