Using Smartphones Results Brain Damages With Low ConcentrationUsing Smartphones Results Brain Damages With Low Concentration

Smartphones Results Brain Damages: Would you believe that if I say, you should not keep your phone near or around you? or what If I say that the group of scientists at the University of Texas at Austin, USA has revealed the results that the mere presence of our cell phones decreases the brain power. According to the new study from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in the United States which states that smartphones are weakening the brain power of their users. Read how Wifi Creates Health issue.

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Using Smartphones Results Brain Damages With Low Concentration
Using Smartphones Results Brain Damages With Low Concentration

A group of scientist with leading members, Adrian Ward head professor at McCombs along with other researchers claimed to be found that only the existence of smartphone near around will make the level of an individual slow activity in their brains which also reduce the concentration on what they are working on.

The experiments are of 800 people, the test was performed based on learning ability, close attention, and awareness, it was the task where people have to sit in front of a computer for a series of test that required full attention. To begin the test, there were two choices one they were told to put their smartphones in silent mode with display face down on the desk another choice was to place the smartphones in another room and sit down to its next room.

The result of the experiment shows that the participants who placed their smartphones in another room remarkably outnumbered those who placed the smartphone on their table.

Researchers suggest that the mere presence of a smartphone on a table is capable of reducing users’ cognitive capabilitieshampering the concentration and brain ability to collect and process data even in conditions where people feel they are totally concentrated on other activities.

Ward explained. “We see a linear trend that suggests that as the smartphone becomes more visible, the participants’ available cognitive ability decreases. Your conscious mind is not thinking about the smartphone, but the process of requiring you not to do something can use some of your limited cognitive capabilities,”

“It’s not the case that” participants are distracted because they receive notifications on their cell phones, “but the simple” presence of their smartphone was enough to reduce their cognitive ability.”

However, this was not the first study from the researcher that points that the sequence of users on their smartphones had lead to brain damages with certain changes in the behavior. It means if users constantly using the smartphone or looking and touching to its screen makes his brain collapsed into one considered thing and they are sometimes unable to concentrate on certain things just because of the repeated operation of the touch screen.

The research also added that the results only strengthen the idea that the omnipresence of smartphones has resulted in a great effect on people’s daily lives.

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