SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera IssueSOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue

Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue: Motorola has got remarkable number customer in the last years. The company has made this possible by introducing many exciting smartphone ranges. Their phones are commendable and attracted many customers with its sleek design concept and colour variants. The unique camera set-up is a speciality of Motorola smartphones.

Motorola has recently launched an amazing model which is known as Moto G6. This model has many overwhelming features which you must try if you like the Android OS. The company reported increased sales after it has been handled by the famous tech company, Lenovo which is a most trusted brand for many years. Along with great smartphones design, the company also offers premium software support.

Moto G6 Plus is one of the most recommended phone which also has an affordable price tag. However, it is not necessary that high-end phones don’t have issues and flaws. Even, the iPhones also have some problems which are reported by the users. Moto G6 Plus has a major camera problem which makes the camera app completely useless. The quality of the camera is good, but of no use when it’s not working at all.

In the company forum, many users have reported various kind of problems which they found in the smartphone. The problems include play problems, sound issue, wifi problems, speaker not working, call volume, charging issue, and many more. Although, the majority of users have complained about the camera. If you are one of those users then you are in the right place. We have found some troubleshooting methods which are very effective when the camera fails to work.

The users have claimed that the after opening the camera, the smartphone hangs and it suddenly turns off the device. In this situation, most of the users get worried and immediately take the phone to a technician. However, you must try to solve it yourself first. In this article, we have listed some simple methods which can solve the camera problem in Moto G6 Plus.

If you have any problems relating to any other phone, then feel free to contact Gadgetsay Forum. Now, let’s begin and discuss those simple solution of how to fix Motorola Moto G6 camera issue.

How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue

Restart the Smartphone

Restarting is a solution for many smartphone problems. The first thing which strikes in mind is that restart your device. When you experience such a camera issue, then immediately restart the device which is the most efficient and effective solution. So, follow these simple steps to restart the device.

SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue

1. Long Press the Power key until the screen turns off.
2. Now, press and push the Volume Down along with the Power button for few seconds.
3. Open and check the camera application if it’s working again.

Clear Camera App Cache and Data

The next step which you have to execute is app cache. The data stored by the apps which are already installed in the phone can affect the in-built apps. You should regularly remove the history and cache of the apps to make the device operate smoothly. Follow these steps to efficiently clear the cache and data of the application.

SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue

1. Navigate to the Settings section of the smartphone.
2. Click on the Apps.
3. In All Apps, you can view the full list of existing apps.
4. Locate and select the camera app.
5. Click on the Storage and select the Clear cache option.
6. Now, click on the Clear data and then OK.

Remove the Cache Partition:

If you still find that the camera is not working properly, then remove Cache Partition which wipes out all the harmful bugs and malicious elements of the device. Some apps present in the app store comes with a malicious bug so, be very careful while downloading apps. These steps will help you to clear the cache partition.

SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue

1. Switch off the smartphone.
2. Press and hold the Power button along with Volume Down button.
3. You will find the Boot Mode Selection screen, then release the buttons.
4. Press Volume down button to highlight Recovery mode.
5. Press Volume Up button to select.
6. In the No Command display, press the Power and Volume Up few times to execute the Recovery.
7. In Recovery mode, press Volume down button to visit the menu.
8. Press Power to select.
9. Reboot system now is highlighted and press Power to select.

Reboot to Safe Mode

If you have recently downloaded a third-party app, then it can also cause a problem in the camera. To find out whether the third-party app has a bug, you have to reboot the device in safe mode. Rebooting the phone in the safe mode close all the apps so, let’s discuss the steps.

SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue

1. Press and hold Power button when the screen is on.
2. The power management will appear, then press and hold Power off.
3. You will notice Reboot to Safe Mode. Now, click on OK.
4. Safe Mode appears on the corner of the screen.
When you find that the camera app is working fine, then uninstall the app you have recently downloaded.
5. Navigate to Settings> Apps.
6. Select All apps.
7. Locate and click on the desired app and press Uninstall > Ok.
8. Now, exit the safe mode by restarting the device.

Factory Reset

If none of the above methods works, then try the factory reset. Although, before performing this method don’t forget the back up all the data from the device. As reset will wipe out all the data, files, folders, images and videos from the phone.

SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue

1. Press the Power button to turn off the smartphone.
2. Hold the Volume Down button along with Power key for some time.
3. Release the buttons.
4. Press the Volume button to highlight the Recovery mode and the Power key to select.
5. Press the Volume Up and Power button until the Android logo appears on the screen.
6. Press the Volume buttons to highlight wipe data/factory reset and the Power key to select.
7. Click on yes and press the Power button select.
8. Select reboot system now using the Power key.
That’s it!

Final Verdict

So, these were some the solution onĀ How To Fix Motorola Moto G6 Camera Issue. If your camera still not working, then contact the company service centre. You should also check for new updates in settings -> About. The company produce updates regularly as OTA, which comes with bug fixes and features so, download the updates. I hope you liked this article and these method helps you to fix the camera issue. You can also share this article with your friends and families who are facing this problem.

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