Stealing My WiFi: Many of you have a question why your WiFi connection automatically gets slow, is it being stolen. If your connection is slower compared to regular, then someone is stealing it. If someone connects to your Wi-Fi network, the person can enter your shared folders. They can also misuse with your connection to do illegal works. The person can even hack your device in seconds.

How To Check If Someone Is Stealing My WiFi
How To Check If Someone Is Stealing My WiFi

If you are worried about the wicked hackers, then you don’t have to because I have some amazing methods which will help you to detect these hackers. You can also identify the connection linked with yours. Here are some methods which can help you to check if someone stealing WiFi.

How To Check If Someone Is Stealing My WiFi
How To Check If Someone Is Stealing My WiFi

Low-Tech Method:
The low-tech method is a simple, but silly as well. The indicator lights on your router can identify a linked network. If you think someone is interrupting with your connection, you can close all wireless devices, and check whether router’s light is still blinking. Before using this method, don’t forget to unplug all your Wi-Fi connected devices. If still the lights are still flickering, then someone is stealing your connection.

Network Admin Method:
You can modify your security settings to monitor on your Wi-Fi connection. For Windows users, visit router’s IP address, find the address by moving to a command prompt (press Win+R then type cmd), and then type ipconfig in the window after that search the “Default Gateway” IP address. Mac users can start the Network Preference pane, and select the IP address besides “Router.”

After that, write the IP address in a browser window, then you will be advised to log in. You have to modify the setting which includes ‘admin’, ‘password’ and some empty spaces. The users should follow this step after purchasing a new router. If you have not done it, do it now to avoid the hackers. Verify the IP addresses, MAC addresses, and device names (if found) in the ‘Attached devices section’. This is how you can detect the unwanted networks.

Detective Method:
You can use a Network Monitoring Software Tool to identify the unwanted linked connections. MoocherHunter is a helpful software in this field. It is a free OSWA (Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor)-command wireless auditing software. It was also used by law enforcement teams in Asia to hunt WiFi hackers. This software can easily track any Wi-Fi connection. Remember, the software is just to identify the network thieves, never misuse with the software.

Companies like Asus, D-Link, Netgear, and Linksys have their network management apps which allow you to control your IP address, and router login data.

The Wi-Fi users shouldn’t use security protocols like WEP and WPA as both are thought vulnerable. You should use IWPA2-AES for a secure connection. Modern WPA2 users should also use WPA2-AES. You should avoid using WPA2-TKIP which are used to attach to former means. The mixed security network is avoided because they are supposed more vulnerable. If none of the methods works, then replace your device as it may be dangerous for you.

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