The Perfect White SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical ToothbrushThe Perfect White SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

SOOCAS X1: Everybody in the world wants a clean and pure teeth. Our smile is the precious gift from God and to maintain it is your duty. We are going to discuss the personal cleanliness SOOCAS X1 electric toothbrush. The brush includes 3 brushing molds Clean/ Whiten/ Sensitive these are the different need of the people. The unusual Sonic Electrical Toothbrush is originated to provide more comfort and gives a deep clean.

The SOOCAS X1 electric toothbrush gives a high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and is a high-density seeding brush. Using Bass mold 2 minutes smart timer with 30 seconds interval that supports the dentist-recommended brushing habit. The SOOCAS X1 Electric ToothBrush has a simple and easy design with high quality of material used on the external part.

The Perfect White SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush
The Perfect White SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

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The external part is waterproof IPX7, with the full body washable. The electric toothbrush is responding to a magnetic sound wave engine which allows a left-sided wave at a speed of rotation up to 37,200 times per minute, which rotates the bristles. When it is compared with another toothbrush the SOOCAS X1 was found the much regular toothbrush.

The electric toothbrush is the thin soft brush is designed as a three-dimensional and the fiber thickness of just 0.155 mm. You can also wash the Soocas X1 Electric ToothBrush under the running water it is protected under the standard IPX7. The fabulous toothbrush develops a full dental cleaning experience for all type of your oral hygiene. The 4 different color rings will help you in making out the difference between toothbrush with your family.

You can use WiFi to connect the device flawlessly to its dedicated app, that highlight features brushing data and generates an individual brush setting which is invented by you. The electric toothbrush is inserted with 700mAh battery life that lasts about 18 days. The toothbrush has no sound and for this reason, it is environment-friendly brushing device.

The end-rounded DuPont nylon bristle material, soft and comfortable Dupont bristle head of the brush uses the American Dupont Tynex Classic 0.152mm was certified by the FAD. You are provided with wireless charging one charge of the toothbrush with the whole body of the toothbrush is washable. You can buy the perfect smile making SOOCAS X1 toothbrush on the GearBest site for just $37.99. So hurry the stocks are limited.

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