This Sperm Test Via Smartphone Proves There’s An App For EverythingThis Sperm Test Via Smartphone Proves There’s An App For Everything

Technology has been grown soo much that even medical activities can be easily carried out with human bodies by electronic devices and machines. There was a time when people use to show up for testing their health conditions to a doctor but these days there are many electronic devices to test your body’s behaviour and medical issues. From your body temperature to pregnancy test every issue has a device that gives you instant results.

With that being said here is the future of medical technology, ‘YO Sperm Test’ is a new product that helps you find out about your sperm’s motility, the rate at which they move, and the count. Previously this was one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. The procedure would involve going to hospitals and heading to labs just to extract sperm and the people who are outside the room would be waiting for you to finish you for their turn.

This product lets you skip all those things and gives you results at home itself. This test involves a mini-microscope that will be clipped to your smartphone and it will allow you to test the following things motility, the rate of speed, and count. This device was found to be 97 percent accurate and it is developed by a commercial-grade solution for semen analysis.

You don’t need to take any chances with it because it is approved by the FDA and you can also pre-order it online. This product is available for $50 and will be launched at 1st January at the website.

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