This Is The Woman Behind Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri

Have you ever thought about SIRI, the voice which tells you the direction to reach the destination and gives answers to your question even answers the stupid questions asked by you? A woman from Atlanta (US), Susan Bennett is the voice behind Apple’s Voice SIRI. She is the voice of initial ATM in the globe. She is the voice of Apple’s iPhone 4S which was launched on October 4, 2011, and also 700 million iPhones, which were launched after this.

This news was revealed by the Bennett in a conference with CNN. Bennett said, “Apple will not verify and accept the truth but she only knows about the professional voice behind the voice. She claimed that her voice is the legal voice of SIRI. Audio-forensics expert has proved the SIRI voice and Bennett’s voice is exactly 100% identical”.

She said that she had started the voice job back in the 1970s though she didnt reveal her age. At present, she’s got world famous voice and she is the only woman who can talk to herself in the public domain. Her voice is in the GPS devices and also in Delta airport terminals.

The Verge, a tech news website posted a video explaining “How Siri found its voice,” this video got viral and proved that Bennett is not the voice behind SIRI but Allison Dufty was the voice of SIRI. This news was declared to be false when Allison Dufty posted on her site “She is not the true voice of SIRI, this is just a fake new created by news bloggers”.

Bennett accepted the truth of her voice because she was very curious to tell the people about her voice to be SIRI voice after that fake video of Allison Dufty came out. She was very happy to know that people showed their interest in knowing the voice behind SIRI.

Bennett’s professional voice journey was started in 2005. A software company, ScanSoft was looking for a professional voice for its latest assignment. After hearing Bennett’s voice in GPS, they choose that voice and selected her. Then she signed an agreement with that company.

For future, she has made her mind up for doing something dissimilar as she has revealed the truth. For now, she is still continuing her voice job and addressing at occasions plus narrating the tales of SIRI.

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