Pay Attention! A SVG Image In Your Facebook Account Can Lock Your PCPay Attention! A SVG Image In Your Facebook Account Can Lock Your PC

We all are acquainted with Facebook’s instant messaging (IM). It is a very delighting feature of Facebook which helps many friends as well as families to stay connected with each other in this busy and big world. But do you know that this feature can fasten your whole computer but you don’t have to worry if you read this article carefully.

Hackers are sending a message which contains a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image file. And when you click that image your whole computer or device can get fastened. Because the malware has the good communicating facility this equipment of Locky Ransomware has become favourite for all the criminals. And if the file is opened by mistake it will surely affect the Pc. Nemucod is a mission which is invented by Bart Blaze a malware researcher. In this mission they extent Nemucod a malware downloader in the Facebook messenger.

The Nemucod turn into .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image file in the instant messenger. Another malware researcher, Peter Kruse said that Nemucod malware Downloader has a capacity of duplicating and hacking the whole computer. Then your computer will be locked and they will get all the information of your computer files like company information as well as personal information. For unlocking your computer the hackers can demand a big monetary ransom.

SVG image has the capability to fix a JavaScript code in an image. And when you will open the image file it will send you to an outer website. The outer website is the copy of YouTube but not actually YouTube. The given URL will be different from that of YouTube. Then a message will be displayed which will tell you to download the Chrome extension to watch the video.

If you will download the Chrome extension then the hackers will have full data of your website history. And they can know all the information of your Facebook account. The hackers will now steadily send the SVG image file to all your friends present in your friends list.

Unintentionally if the SVG image file is opened by you then you don’t have to worry. Just open the Google chrome and then open Extension manager. Remember, extension manager doesn’t have icon so you have to search for it. Search the file extension given below:

“One ecavu futolaz corabination timefu episu voloda
Ubo oziha jisuyes oyemedu kira nego mosetiv zuhum”

If you get any extension related to above extension then click on delete and change your password for security purpose. And you can also run antivirus for your pc protection.

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