Why You Switch To Airplane Mode, When You're In a flight

When we travel by plane we often get asked to put our phone into airplane mode. Have you ever wondered why they ask us to do so? Well, let me clear the confusions. There are many man made stories that when we don’t put our phone into airplane mode many things happens to the plane like loss of signal and loss of radio signal.


Well, those are just stories. Actually, there is nothing wrong even if you don’t put your phone in airplane mode. But it is a very irritating thing to the pilot. There will be an unpleasant noise like buzz just like we hear in an audio system when a mobile is brought in contact nearby.


Switching to airplane mode in an airplane is good for many reasons, First of all, you definitely don’t want to get your pilot irritated. when he is communication with the team for information. And you can save your phone’s battery.


Switching your phone to airplane mode will close all the communication connections of your phone. Hence there will not be more applications functioning, The fewer apps running the less battery usage. And if you’re on a business trip then you might have got your laptops, But you can also put our laptop in the airplane mode.


But in the world of tech many things has been changed and with that being said some flights allows users to access wifi which is available in airplane known as in-air wi-fi.


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