Today we are sharing an interesting and most important tutorial for Raspberry Pi users, if you have installed Raspbian alone with Minecraft then you really don’t wanna miss these codes and your works alone, you are required to take a screenshot to show your friends.

So, how can you do that without any interruption? All you need is the Scrot and that’s not an issue because maybe some of the users are already using it but still for those who don’t have Scrot on their system then they need to install.

Take Screenshot On The Raspberry Pi At a Specified Time

After all, you need to make sure that which command provides which actions to perform a better task. The below tutorials or steps will provide you some commands on using Scrot and other basic feature that you can do it by all alone.

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Steps To Install Scrot To Take Screenshot On Raspberry Pi!

#1 Open LXTerminal to install Scrot and from there type sudo apt-get install scrot.

Note: Just like Skitch on Mac provides some dedicated application instead Scrot doesn’t provide such application. It just using commands from LXTerminal.

#2 Take a screenshot of your Pi screen and to do that you need to command scrot on LXTerminal.

#3 All the images you take a screenshot on command line LXTerminal will be stored on home -> Pi and all will be in PNG format. home/pi

Raspberry Pi ScreenShort
Raspberry Pi ScreenShort

Now what else you can do using Scrot? you can even take a screenshot at a specified time using the timer feature just need to trigger the function and you will see which screen you want to screenshot whether you want the current screen or any specific screen you provide.

#1 If you want to take a screenshot of any current windows after 20 seconds then you need to command Scrot -u -d 20. soon after 20 seconds your currently using windows or screen will be captured using by Scrot.

Note: How this command function works? -u command for capturing any current window and -d is the timer and it will active the timer after 20 seconds to take a screenshot of your Pi.

What else can you do relating to Scrot?

Raspberry Pi ScreenShort
Raspberry Pi ScreenShort

You can even change the name and the path of the screenshot you store.

Just give a command to your LXTerminal scrot/Desktop/test.png it will take a screenshot and then automatically saved on the same path but you can even change the name of it.

To know more! You can know all the commands of Scrot using a simple command scrot -h and all the short commands will be displayed to you.

Hope you liked it, This tutorial is on how can you take screenshort on your Raspberry Pi, share with your friends and make sure to like our Facebook page. If you have any doubt then feel free to ask using the below comment box.

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