How To Take Scrolling Long Screenshots on any Android DeviceHow To Take Scrolling Long Screenshots on any Android Device

Take Scrolling Long Screenshots just like MIUI users on any Android Device with this comprehensive guide. I will be telling you about some apps and how to use it. It will help you to take screenshots of the whole webpage.

Taking a long screenshot is a very useful feature for every Android user. The feature was first introduced in MIUI 8 by Xiaomi. That was one of the best unique features of MiUi and everyone wanted to have this. Soon, more Chinese brands started copying this feature on their custom UI’s.

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You can get this feature in Xiaomi, Oneplus, Huawei and other Chinese OEM’s but what about other brands with the stock android system? Well, that’s why you are here right. You can also have the same feature with the help of third party apps. There is no way to integrate the feature right into your UI. I hope you know that.

How To Take Scrolling Long Screenshots on any Android Device

With scrolling screenshot android, you don’t have to worry about taking multiple screenshots just take a long one and that’s it. I have to take long screenshots every now and day. I am using stock android ROM and normally I use the below third party apps.

1. LongShot

LongShot is the app with which you can easily take long screenshots and apart from that, you can capture a web page and also you can stitch the multiple screenshots into one. The app works way differently than what you think so I am telling you how to use the app too.

The main thing you have to do with this app is just using capture screenshot feature and follow the on screen instructions for the long screenshot. Now, let’s talk about how to use this application.

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  • Open the app and tap on Capture Screenshot. You will be greeted by a popup something like in the image below.
How To Take Scrolling Long Screenshots on any Android Device
How To Take Scrolling Long Screenshots on any Android Device
  • Move to app or page you want to take a long screenshot of. You will see a start button on the popup by the LongShot app. hit that start button.
  • After hitting the start button scroll your page slowly till the point you want to take the screenshot. Hit the Done button after.
How To Take Scrolling Long Screenshots on any Android Device
How To Take Scrolling Long Screenshots on any Android Device
  • You will be taken back to the app. Stitching feature will open automatically showing you individual screenshots. Tap on Join button on the bottom and then all your screenshot will be combined to a long one.
  • Find the long screenshot not that good, you can adjust it manually too.

This app is not that perfect but it can certainly do your job. If you feel like not using this app then you can have a look at the another app. It’s called Scroll Capture

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2. Scroll Capture

This app is quite simple but again there is a catch. You can not use this app for screenshots other than web pages. I don’t know why they have limited themselves to the web page only. The simplicity of the app is great but only works on web pages.

  • Open the app and enter the URL of the web page you want to take a screenshot of.
  • As the websites open, tap on on the capture button. Let the app do the magic. You will see a long screenshot of the web page automatically after few seconds.

Both of the apps are not that great but they are third party apps you cannot expect everything from them. There are two more apps which you can check out if you want. Stitch & Share and Screenshot Join both the apps works similarly like the above one. You should check them out and go for the one with which you feel comfortable.

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If any new worth sharing long screenshot app comes up we will definitely let you know. To not miss this update, follow us on various social media and stay connected.

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