If I say that you can have a cinema-like experience at home without leaving home, you will definitely not believe it, but the TCL 98Q10G Mini LED giant screen TV will definitely make you have to accept it. Looking at the smart TVs launched on the market, it can be said that there are very few smart TVs that can truly satisfy users. However, the recent release of TCL’s 98Q10G Mini LED giant-screen TV is an exception, which can perfectly meet everyone’s needs for intelligent TVs and can be a double king of picture quality and price.

In TV products, the screen is the most important component, accounting for about 70% of the cost, and its display effect directly determines the user experience. Therefore, in some high-end products, brand owners often spend a lot of money to create the ultimate visual experience to meet the ever-improving image quality needs of users, and TCL is no exception.

This time, the TCL 98Q10G adopts a metal full-screen design, which provides an immersive enjoyment of the boundless field of view, and the details of the picture are displayed in every detail. It is worth mentioning that this TV also adopts a 672-part micron-level Mini LED dot-matrix light control, which can accurately realize the The pixel-level point light control effect is adopted, there is no shadow around, and the whole picture is full of details.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a 95% DCI-P3 film-grade primary color high color gamut screen, which delicately restores natural colors, with bright colors and distinct layers, accurately displaying 1.07 billion colors. Not only the contrast of the picture is better, but the color expression is also richer. It can reach an ultra-high peak brightness of 1600nits and an ultra-high contrast ratio of 16 million:1. From the beautiful natural scenery to the bustling urban metropolis, the 1.07 billion color wide color gamut full-color screen of TCL 98Q10G will take you into a fantasy. Color travel.

Not only that, but TCL 98Q10G also supports full-channel 4K 120Hz ultra-high-definition high-definition refresh, what’s the use of this? These can make the picture smooth without stuttering and trailing, accurately capture the details of each frame, and make the picture more stable and clearer. For example, when we watch war movies, action movies, etc. Every day, even if the bullets pass quickly and countless actors quickly punch and kick, there will be no problems such as afterimages stuck and the picture is not smooth.

This TV also has a full ecological 4K HDR ultra-high-definition and delicate picture quality, which can enhance the dynamic contrast of video, enhance the expressiveness of highlights and dark field areas, and make the picture have a more vivid light and dark contrast effect, which can make movies with more details in light and dark scenes more. Presence. We can easily see the details of clouds in the sun, the twinkling of stars at night, and achieve optimal brightness and color contrast to please the human eye.

Rudhra Nandu

By Rudhra Nandu

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