TCL Corp. has partnered with MX Player. This move will enhance its user’s content experience with fresh new offerings. This is also a move that will see TCL diversify its portfolio leveraging MX Player’s massive content library. Which supports more than 10 languages regionally across broad categories such as TV shows, movies, music videos, news, and sports. According to NPD’s market research report of 2019. TCL brand is ranked number 2 globally. With a 2.5 percent, YoY growth will now add more than 150,000 content hours from MX Player to its content platform. The same will be accessible through its range of smart TV’s and Android TV’s.

Content Philosophy

This is a strategic move by TCL to grow its content portfolio. Motivated by the need to offer its user base all-inclusive content solutions that they have been calling for. This partnership will enable TCL to expand and diversify its content offering. TCL General manager in India was quoted as saying that the company is focussed on bringing the best and inclusive entertainment solutions. To its home users while leveraging advancements in IoT and A.I. to offer a seamless and intuitive range of smart TV’s. While forging lasting partnerships with respected content providers such as MX Player that enables them to achieve that objective.

MX Player has a solid reputation globally. And TCL’s customers will be able to enjoy a rich and diverse content offering in the MX Player library. Abhishek Joshi, Marketing and Business Partnerships lead at MX Player expressed his approval of the partnership. He added that given MX Player’s large library of premium content available as VOD in India. His company strives to offer viewers convenient access to their content of choice irrespective of device. MX Player continues to explore new ways to make its premium content available. It hopes that this will pave way for increased engagement and uptake of their content on bigger screens too. 

TCL says it is steadfast in its mission to improve the daily life of consumers. Through use of technology and continues to pursue ways to make everyday life more intuitive. Through the use of smart devices. TCL has increased its investment in A.I. and IoT considerably. This will enable them to offer AI-powered smart TV experience that promises superior visual and sound quality that also easily integrates with other smart home devices.