This New Technology Could Charge Your Phone In SecondsThis New Technology Could Charge Your Phone In Seconds

Soon, the inconvenience of carrying an extra battery and charging cable with you wherever you go may become a thing of the past, as researchers have developed a new process to make electronic devices charge in seconds.

The team at University of Central Florida (UCF) Nanoscience Technology Center has developed a new process for generating flexible supercapacitors that can be used for mobile phones and electric vehicles that can store more energy and promises 30,000 cycles of recharging before degradation.

Supercharging: According to UCF, the new batteries could bring a huge change to the mobile world as they will really be able to charge within seconds. According to postdoctoral associate Nitin Choudhary who conducted much of the research published in the academic journal ACS Nano, “If they were to replace the batteries with these supercapacitors, you could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week.” This will make Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 outdated, which normally charges phones within 2 hours.

The research: Scientists have been studying the use of nanomaterials to upgrade supercapacitors that could enhance or even replace batteries in electronic devices. The supercapacitors developed at UCF are made up of millions of nanometer-thick wires coated with shells of two-dimensional materials.

So, the team experimented with applying newly discovered two-dimensional materials- only a few atoms thick to supercapacitors. Other researchers have also attempted their formulations with graphene, but with limited success as it is very difficult and expensive to grow.

Is the supercapacitor battery all set to come at local store?
“It’s not ready for commercialization,” Principal investigator Yeonwoong.

This New Technology Could Charge Your Phone In Seconds


”Jung said. “But this is a proof-of-concept demonstration, and our studies show there are very high impacts for many technologies.”

If the supercapacitor is developed on a commercial level it could cut the massive charge time of mobile devices and electric vehicles.

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