This Technology Locks Your Door Automatically In Incognito ModeThis Technology Locks Your Door Automatically In Incognito Mode

We all need privacy when we are using the internet. From chatting to browsing there are things, which we don’t like to share with others. So we switch to incognito mode. But before that, we all make sure the door is closed so that there will be no interference. To do that we all have to lock the door manually, But this article will tell you everything about locking your door automatically.

CEO of the Useless Duck Company, Mike has implemented a new automatic door locking system. This system will lock the door by itself You don’t need to lock it manually. like before you used to lock it. Now by using this technology, you can lock the door automatically, when you open the incognito window. In order to make this happen, Mike has connected his computer up to an Arduino Uno which is connected to a servo-controlled lock.

Basically what this system do is whenever Mike’s computer is running chrome, it scans all the pages and whenever an incognito mode type of page is found then the program will run and locks the door automatically. This program is written by Mike himself, which helps him in closing the door automatically.


So when the program gets any incognito window information then it sends the signal to Arduino to bolt the door which will eventually start functioning for closing the door automatically. But this locking system is not good enough for providing other features. Not only this, Mike has also done Some other “creative” inventions like a sock removal robot, an automatic toilet paper cutter, wireless baby crib.

This technology of Arduino lock is implemented by coding, And also even soldering is involved in it. So if you’re planning to make one on your own you need to have some basic coding skills. But the disadvantage is it is not compatible with Android or iOS.

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