If you are here, then you must be searching that what exactly TFW mean. You might have text you the word and you just landed here. If this is the reason, then I must tell you that you at the right place. Here you will get all the details on TFW and where should you use it.

Social media conversations are always in short forms. Many times you get confused when someone texting you in short form and you didn’t understand. TFW is a word which is often used in social media post, comments or chat. There are many peoples who are not social media addicts and often come in this situation.

We use much internet slang which we don’t know like BTW (By The Way). There is no reason to use these short-codes in out chatting or social media conversations. The peoples who use it might be trying to save his/ her time or don’t want to write big words. So, what exactly is TFW? Where is it used?

What Does TFW Mean And Why It is Popular In Social Media?
What Does TFW Mean And Why It is Popular In Social Media?

What is TFW?

Basically, “TFW” is an internet slang acronym definition which means (stands for) “That Feel When” It’s mostly used in social media, don’t ever use this word with your English teacher to avoid getting scolded as it is completely incorrect grammatically.

TFW normally applied when a person wants to communicate their sentiment or feeling. It is used in such a way that the person to whom the sender in texting can understand its meaning and it matches the sentence. Social media conversations give full right to the users to use their own languages and shortcodes. There are also many tfw memes developed, after the looking at the high demand for this word.


What Does TFW Mean

A person applies the short-form TFW when two peoples are chatting in free messenger services and a sender wants to share their heartfelt belief. You can use this to define something sad which happened like any sensitive incidents.

“TFW” you text someone and they didn’t reply.
“TFW” someone standing next to you and completely ignores you.
“TFW” you want to sleep, but you are not able to sleep because of some important work to be done.
“TFW” you have a piece of pizza left and it falls suddenly.

I hope that it’s now clear what is TFW and where you can use it. Usually, the acronym fits better at the start of any sentence, but only when you are trying to express your feelings to someone.

What Does TFW Mean And Why It is Popular In Social Media?
What Does TFW Mean And Why It is Popular In Social Media?

TFW Acronym

It is not necessary that you use the word at the starting of the sentence, and that it must be suitable for the sentence you are applying with. No one will punish you if you use it at wrong place as you can do anything on the internet. Twitter is full of such Acronym which you will not relate to sentences. However, if you use this in the right way then it will give a great touch to your sentences, no matter you have done any grammar mistakes, spelling flaws and used code words in it.

These type of acronyms are used to chat only with your friends who don’t car the mistakes you make while writing a sentence. It is never used officially like you don’t use ‘u’ in place of ‘you’ while witting a formal letter. With the passing time, Social media features are also developing and thinking of youngsters are developing with it.

The young generation spends most of their time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, so they get to explore many new things and words as well. As said earlier, the TFW is the simply a slang acronym which is used to combine your feelings to your texts. There are many younger’s who like to use internet slang in their posts, comments, and even in conversations. They think that using these they can be cooler which the latest trend in social media.

What Does TFW Mean And Why It is Popular In Social Media?
What Does TFW Mean And Why It is Popular In Social Media?

Beginning of Acronym

No one knows who discovered Acronym or who used it first. We can say that for saving time the young-gen started writing short-forms while chatting and so it became a trend. The same is applied for the slang “TFW”. Expectedly, it can be combined with the “I Know That Free Bro” meme, which is one of the popular slang in the social networking world.

In the slangs, two figures are seen who are hugging each other and feeling the sentiments of one person. It was recognized in social media in the year around 2010. It signifies that “I feel you.” Memes are really famous at present. Everyone shares memes, tags peoples in memes and enjoy. There are emotional as well as happy memes which are used to express someone’s feeling or happiness. Many people’s tag their friends in memes to make them happy or remember their past.

A single picture can say many things about the person present emotions. There are unlimited memes generated every day. If you were not aware of this acronym previously, then it doesn’t mean that you are a fool and your friend who texts you is too intelligent. There are many other peoples who discover new things every day on social media websites and you are one of those.

So, this was all about TFW. I hope you like the post and will use this word next time while chatting with your friends or creating memes. You can also share the post with your friends who you think don’t know about this acronym. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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