When it comes to the installation editor, I can’t say that I am a noob, after all, I have had several installation experience. So in fact, when it comes to installation, heat dissipation is a topic that can never be avoided, including water cooling and fan cooling. Of course, the fan cooling seems to be a little outdated, especially now that the processor performance is getting better and better, and a better water cooling radiator is needed.

In addition, this is because when Intel first launched its 12th-generation processor last year, it designated the Gujiatian Wu T5 360 integrated water-cooling radiator as the test radiator, and its performance has captured the hearts of many users.

This year’s 13th-generation processor, Intel still The Gujiatian Wu T5 360 integrated water cooling radiator was used, and the performance did not disappoint everyone. This shows that the Gujiatian Wu T5 360 integrated water cooling is a processor with excellent performance and worthy of everyone’s trust, so I started with the editor. It is also a matter of course, then let’s take a look at this Gujiatianwu T5 360 integrated water cooling radiator.

In the overclocked 4.9G test state, the power consumption of the i9-13900K reached 266W. The maximum temperature of the CPU is only 82℃. The performance can be said to be quite outstanding.

The RGB color of the cooling head of the Gujiatianwu T5 360 integrated water-cooled radiator and the ARGB cooling fan are matched with each other, echoing each other, and the color effect displayed is not generally good.

The line connector of the water block adopts a 3-pin DC5V power supply cable design. The design of this connector can be well connected with most motherboards to achieve unexpected ARGB lighting effect matching. Not only that, the RGB lighting effect of the water block this time is better than what I have used before, and the height seems to be lower than before, only 27mm, which saves the chassis space and can do more other things, so I think this is The design of the radiator is still very good.

Everyone knows that the core component of water cooling is the motor. Of course, this time Gujiatianwu T5 360 integrated water cooling radiator uses a car-grade motor. As the name suggests, the car-grade motor uses components that meet the automotive grade.

The standard of the vehicle level is the AEC-Q series standard. That is to say, the Gujiatianwu T5 360 integrated water-cooling radiator uses a motor of the same level as the components used in the car. In this way, the heat emitted by the CPU can be transferred to the water-cooling liquid with strong power, so as to realize the The faster heat exchange greatly improves the stability of the computer during actual use.