2018 was a big year for car technology. Electric cars are becoming cheaper and more advanced, and alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel are gaining real traction with car manufacturers.

But what does 2019 have in store for drivers? What features will see in the coming year that will genuinely benefit us, making driving easier, safer, and more enjoyable? Let’s take a look at a few.

Backup cameras and smart sensors for easy parking

The age of 23-point turns backing into a tight parking space are gone. Sophisticated backup cameras make the inevitable scrapes and dings of parking a thing of the past. While some new models offer backup cameras as standard, they will become ubiquitous in 2019.

And it’s not just cameras either. Intelligent sensors fitted to the chassis let even the most unsure driver know when they’re getting too close to a wall or neighboring car. It’s a simple addition that reduces bumps and makes parking that much easier.

You don’t need to buy a new car to benefit from backup cameras and smart sensors either. There are plenty of high-quality models available to drivers now, such as the backup cameras at TadiBrothers. These are easy to fit and are much more affordable than other models on the market.

AI cars you can have a conversation with

The popularity of voice assistants in the home has soared throughout 2018, so it’s no guessing that 2019 will see the same trend, but for cars.

The technology associated with these smart speakers is getting more sophisticated. New models are able to identify a driver’s proximity by their smartphone, automatically turning on air conditioning or adjusting the seat position before the driver even enters the car.

And these voice assistants are great at learning. Over time, they will learn what music you like to listen to on the way to work, what temperature you prefer your car at, and will even make suggestions for you.

Wireless charging points for electric vehicles

In a post-climate change world, electric cars are the future. They are already becoming prevalent on the roads, and we are gradually getting used to the sight of charging points at garages around the country.

2019 looks set to take that tech further with the introduction of wireless charging points for EVs. Currently, drivers have to struggle with a mess of charging cables, like unravelling your phone charger but on a larger scale.

However, a number of automobile manufacturers are developing convenient, compact charging pads that EV drivers can simply drive over to start recharging. Such tech will overhaul the public EV charging network, making the whole process that bit easier, and more enticing to new drivers.

Advanced collision avoidance tech for safer road

More than 37,000 people were killed in car accidents on US roads in 2017 alone. With such a high figure, automobile manufacturers are doing everything they can to bring that down.

Companies are scrambling to produce collision avoidance systems that take advantage of the latest technologies. Volvo for example recently unveiled a sensor that can detect human movement up ahead, regardless of distance, speed, or weather conditions.

And cruise control systems that automatically keep your car at a safe speed and distance from other cars on the road will become more available in 2019. Largely the domain of high-end automobiles, we will see more and more cars with this technology in the coming year.

Fingerprint scanning for more secure cars

The panic of losing your cars isn’t a nice feeling. Did you leave them at home? Or have they been stolen, putting your car at risk from thieves. It’s a costly mistake that can affect any driver.

But when your finger can unlock and start your car, that problem goes out the window. At the Earlier this year, Hyundai announced the development of the 2019 Santa Fe, an SUV with built-in fingerprint technology. It’s safe and convenient, saving drivers the hassle of misplacing their keys.

While this technology is already available for car ignition, Hyundai is the first to use fingerprint access to open car doors. While other manufacturers have experimented with this, they struggled to develop door handles that could withstand elements that might impede it, such as heavy frost or hot weather.

But with Hyundai leading the way, we can expect more car manufacturers to follow in its wake.

It’s been a big year for car technology, and 2019 shows no sign of that slowing down. AI will make driving easier and more enjoyable, and backup cameras and sensors will turn even the worst driver into a parking expert. You can be sure that by the end of 2019, your driving experience will be transformed for the better.

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