Now the Amazfit has been differentiated into many different series, including the mainstream GTR series, GTS series, as well as professional “sports watch” and “T-Rex / Ares outdoor adventure” series, as well as the entry-level Pop series and Mi Active series, even health detection watches for elders and children’s watches.

Among them, the GTR series and the GTS series are the representatives of the Amazfit brand round dial and square dial respectively. The two series have now come to the fourth generation.

Last year, the Amazfit GTR 3 series went with a warm and delicate style. It used smooth and warm streamlines to weaken the straight line of the body and lugs as much as possible.

This year’s Amazfit GTR 4 has changed the style of the previous generation and carved as many lines as possible. From the body to the lugs, buttons, crown and buttons, the lines are designed, which are no longer smooth and warm, but are replaced by more straight lines.

Amazfit GTR 4 is available in two color versions, “Racing Gray” and “Silver Wing Black”, one light and one dark. The difference is mainly in the color of the aluminum alloy of the watch body. The “Racing Gray” is designed with the same color as the whole body, which is visually integrated. The “Silver Wing Black” in hand is a contrasting color design of the black surface and the sandblasted silver aluminum alloy body, plus the specially designed black and red stainless steel electronic crown and buttons on the right side, the whole vision is obviously refreshing. Not a lot.

However, “Silver Wing Black” is equipped with a fluororubber strap, and I personally feel that the original nylon strap of “Racing Gray” is more textured. The strap interface is a highly compatible 22mm width pin buckle.

The surface of Amazfit GTR 4 is a whole piece of glass and it is not flat. The edge of the glass is chamfered and the cutting surface is treated with AG frosting process to produce a matte scale bezel, which enriches the visual level of the entire surface. Beneath the surface is a 1.43-inch OLED circular screen with a pixel density of 326PPI.

The diameter of the entire watch is 46mm, and the size is more harmonious for most Asian men’s wrists, but if you are a girl or boy with a thin wrist, it is easier to control 32mm and 36mm watches on weekdays, then it is on your wrist. It might not be very harmonious.

As an RTOS-oriented smartwatch and a companion wearable product, the performance of Amazfit GTR 4 in all aspects can be said to be remarkable. From the previous generation of new design changes, it is a matter of opinion whether it is good-looking or not and the small improvement in hardware and functions has also made products such as RTOS watches more and more close to the “true smart watches” of the general system.

Rudhra Nandu

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