No one will disagree that there is a trend of launching smartphones with high refresh rate displays. Many smart flagships launched in the first half of this year provide refresh rates as high as 120Hz or even 144Hz. However, the new smartphone launched this fall will bring a doubled refresh rate. According to Chinese industry insider, a new model with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate display will debut in September. Apart from this, the manufacturers are working on devices that will come with a 5nm processor chip and a large battery.

This display is said to adopt a Mini LED technology. According to the news disclosed by industry insiders, the display panel for smartphones has made a new breakthrough. And it will use a 114 partition direct backlight technology. Also, it will come with the combination of OverDrive LCD 120Hz + MiniLED 120Hz. Interestingly, its thickness is only 1.17mm. This technology will be used with Pixelworks Iris and Qualcomm solutions for output backlight control and panel refresh rate. It supports up to 240Hz refresh rate with the help of MEMC technology.

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Although the above technical terms make us think the new-gen displays are about to hit the market, simply put, it’s a combination of Mini LED backlight and LCD panel to make the light source control more refined and the panel thinner.

240Hz refresh rate screen

5nm + super battery solution

It is worth noting that the Japanese manufacturer Sharp has previously launched a model that supports a 240Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate. It was the AQUOS Zero 2. But this handset is equipped with a traditional organic LED display. So this exposure of the LCD using Mini LED backlight technology still has large differences in the display panel. At the same time, in response to users’ doubts about battery life, the industry insiders said that there will be phones with 5 nanometers with a large battery solution.


In other words, it turns out a smartphone with Mini LED display technology will debut in September this year, and will be equipped with a processor of 5 nanometers and a large battery to solve the energy consumption problem caused by the high refresh rate. However, this industry source did not disclose specific manufacturers and models. But it’s expected that the product with such features will be a flagship product.

Vivo is more likely to start

Considering that the new machine with a 240Hz display will use a 5nm chip + large battery solution, perhaps the first models will come our way from Apple or Huawei. We think so because these brands will launch new flagship models in the fall. But this year’s iPhone 12 series has been determined to have an OLED display. In its turn, Huawei has always been less aggressive in terms of display.

However, the focus of the Samsung Note 20 series is the LTPO low-power panel technology. So it is likely that VIVO, which has proper cooperation with Samsung, will become the first manufacturer.


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