Honor X40 GT

Honor X40 GT has attracted a lot of attention since its release. The smartphone uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor based on the 5nm process technology. Equipped with LPDDR5 RAM and USF 3.1 ROM.

All three sets of hardware performance are complete in addition, in terms of heat dissipation, it also brings a 13-layer three-dimensional heat dissipation system, with a total heat dissipation area of ​​up to 16300mm2. Then the actual experience of this mobile phone, how Honor’s tuning of the Snapdragon 888 has become the biggest concern of users.

This time, the Honor X40 GT has launched a total of three colors, namely Racing Black, Magic Night Black and Titanium Empty Silver. The racing black color scheme is full of e-sports atmosphere, and the fluorescent green track design is very speedy. However, the author started with the titanium empty silver color. This titanium empty silver color scheme is also very beautiful.

The high-gloss star ring design GT logo is very recognizable, and it will show different magic effects in sunlight. The appearance of the face value machine hides the ultimate performance release, which can be called a “suit” thug”.

Honor X40 GT

The front design of the Honor X40 GT adopts a centered punch-hole design. The front screen is a 6.81-inch FHD+ IPS LCD screen, and the visual effect of the ultra-narrow screen is very good. In order to allow users and players to have a better viewing experience for different scenarios, it is also equipped with 144Hz, 90Hz, 60Hz and intelligent adjustment of four different refresh rate gear adjustment functions.

In addition, the Honor X40 GT is based on the powerful computing power of the Snapdragon 888, and through the AITouch prediction algorithm, the touch reporting rate is increased to 480Hz, and the chirality is increased by 10%. With the support of such a powerful algorithm, the screen display is more brilliant in actual use, and the operation is stable and accurate.

The Game Experience

The next step is to experience the highlight of today. In the game part, I will experience the games that everyone plays the most, such as “Peace Elite” and “Glory of the King”.

When playing “Honor of Kings”, we directly start the highest setting mode, such as setting the frame rate to extremely high, the resolution to ultra-high, and turning on anti-aliasing state, etc. After about 10 minutes of game testing, the average frame rate was maintained at 117.4FPS. There was no significant frame drop during the game, and the frame rate of the entire game was stable and smooth.

“Peace Elite” mobile game, when the 90-frame mode and smooth picture quality is turned on, after 35 minutes of the game, the average frame rate reaches 89.7FPS, which is close to full frame operation. It seems that there is no pressure to play the chicken game.

In terms of “Genshin Impact”, the highest picture quality and 60 frames are turned on, and the average frame rate of the 46-minute test is as high as 55.5FPS, and the performance is also very good. Temperature control is also in place.

Honor X40 GT lens is a triple camera combination. It includes a 50MP, a 2MP depth-of-field camera, and a 2MP macro camera. It is still possible to meet the needs of daily photography. Due to the epidemic, there is not too much photography.

In other respects, the smartphone comes standard with 66W fast charging, the recycle speed is very fast, it comes standard with full-featured NFC, and the system is equipped with Magic UI 6.1.

Pair With ​Honor Earbuds X3

Honor X40 GT, also paired it with a Honor Earbuds X3 wireless headset, and the effect of using it with video games is still very good. As a product of more than 200 yuan (~$30), the Honor Earbuds X3 not only supports 40dB active noise reduction, 36-hour long battery life, immersive sound quality, and pop-up windows, but also supports dual-device connections that are only available in many flagship products.

This is very considerate for daily multi-device users, no need to switch back and forth, and dual-device seamless experience. Moreover, the Honor Earbuds X3 can be added in the Honor Smart Space, and the control is very convenient. Obviously, Honor is also focusing on building its own ecology.

The Conclusion

If you have requirements for performance and gaming experience, and want a really fragrant price. So this product is definitely worth recommending. As the return of the Honor Online Real Incense, the Honor X40 GT gaming experience for as long as 1999 yuan (~$275) is indeed a leap forward, and it lives up to the name of Dragon Master.

The Honor-selected Earbuds X3, which is also about 200 yuan (~$30), is also very competitive in the same gear due to its excellent noise reduction and dual-device connection. It is definitely not a loss to start.

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