All Poker fans know that in this game, psychology plays no less a role than knowledge of strategy, mathematics, or theory. All gamblers are susceptible to problems with tilt, negative emotions, discipline, or motivation to one degree or another. When it comes to Poker, such mood swings can be very costly. So, before starting to play various Poker variations on FizzSlots, it is better to get acquainted with the most common psychological situations: tilt, downstreak, and bad beat.


Tilt is a poker term that refers to a player’s emotional state that is different from the optimal one. The consequences of tilt are errors in the game and lost money.

Tilt is often accompanied by aggression, impulsive decisions, and anger at oneself and everything around. It is worth understanding that frustration from offensive failures is inherent in every Poker player. People are not robots, and everyone is susceptible to tilt, but it is important not to let emotions influence the game.


A downstreak in poker is a series of unfortunate events and lost pots that follow a player for some distance. A downstreak can happen to any player, but its strength and duration will depend on your win rate. The higher your win rate and your superiority over the field of players, the easier it will be for you to overcome downswings.

Downswings are an integral part of poker that any player should be prepared for. It would be a big mistake to try to change your playing strategy during a downstreak, much less allow it to go on tilt.

Bad Beat

A bad beat in poker is a situation when your good hand, which should win, is suddenly beaten by another hand. In most cases, that second hand is a wonderfully made river draw that shouldn’t even have been played in the first place.

Now, you know that changes in mood and attitude towards the game are normal and common. So, you can be sure that when playing Poker on FizzSlots, you will be more relaxed and, therefore, have more fun.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

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