As you enter the field of information technology, you need to ready yourself for a fast-paced industry where competition is everywhere. The IT domain is such an exhilarating yet challenging career to pursue, hence consistency is the key. Being consistent means you need to continuously add something unique and appealing to your profile. And you can do so by earning a certification from world-renowned IT organizations like Cisco. This means that you possess the most relevant skills on the track you’ve chosen and plan to work in.

Cisco and its ever-marketable certification program

When it comes to the most recommended certifications, you won’t go wrong with a Cisco credential. A validation from Cisco is considered an impressive feat to your career. They have been in the industry for many decades, giving them an edge among other organizations. Consequently, the journey of getting Cisco certified is no easy track. It is pretty tough but totally fulfilling. Therefore, if you’re considering taking one of its certification exams, it’s best that you stay on this page and you’ll learn on how to easily prepare for your test.

The limited availability of current Cisco cert exams

Be ready for the changes that will soon have an impact on the current Cisco cert program. By February 24, 2020, a new set of certifications will be on the loose, which will then be the replacement of the current Cisco certifications. And one of the credentials that is set to be withdrawn include the highly-acclaimed CCNP Routing and Switching, with three compulsory tests―300-101, 300-115, and 300-425. And if you want to acquire this popular Cisco
accreditation, you have until February 23, 2020, to take all three exams.

Understanding various Cisco routers through exam 300-101

Having a profound knowledge of Cisco routers is a must if you want to develop your skills in basic and advanced network solutions. And through exam 300-101, you will discover a lot of significant things related to IP addressing that are valuable in securing Cisco routers. From network principles to infrastructure services, the exam will also be your guide in acquiring more familiarity in different technologies such as IPv4 addressing, frame relay, BGP attributes, PPP, VPN, GRE, and more.

But before you consider taking the test, make certain that your work background is somehow related to the above list of exam topics. Exam 300-101 is the best fit for those with experience in enterprise tasks. These may include network technicians, system engineers, support engineers, and the like. Moreover, these professionals must have a great foundation of the routing and switching concepts for a much more convenient exam experience.

The process of earning this certification exam

As you begin your certification process, it’s important to know the best exam materials to use. These consist of the official classroom training from their authorized learning partners all over the world. The classroom course is definitely a must-try if you want a more intensive training and comprehensive discussion of exam objectives. Other recommended materials are the hands-on labs available on both Cisco VIRL Personal Edition and Cisco Modeling Labs. These are perfect resources to evaluate how well you have studied for the exams. Also, you have the option to create a personalized study guide with the help of the official ROUTE materials given by Cisco. Plus, you can be part of the CCNP R&S study group so you can train together with other candidates and learn other essential information.

Exam dumps as one of the instrumental tools for success

On the other hand, don’t forget to include the exam dumps supplied by . Exam dumps could be your salvation if you feel that the materials above are not enough to equip you with the right amount of knowledge. The real value of dumps is not just limited to the things you learn but also to the skills you gain. As you answer exam dumps, you continuously give yourself a chance to grow and be more relevant in your chosen profession.

So, if you want do not want to restrict yourself with new information, check out PrepAway and you’ll definitely be surprised with their extensive variety of ETE files. All their online resources are functional in adding more value to your learning. Their free dumps allow you to assess and advance your skills without spending a dollar. And if you want to have the best exam materials for Cisco exam 300-100, you can avail of their premium bundle at $39.99 only. This one can be your go-to exam prep collection because it has everything you need, from training lectures to
study guides to exam dumps!

A glimpse of the new Cisco certification track

When CCNP Routing and Switching is retired, it will be replaced with the CCNP Enterprise validation, which is dubbed to be the most practical path to prepare you for all the real-world challenges. This new certification path aligns you to a specific job role, particularly in enterprise networking solutions.

But of course, if you prefer the CCNP R&S, no problem at all! Even if it’s set to retire in February 2020, your completed certification will be carried over to the new CCNP Enterprise. This means, completion of exam 300-101, together with 300-115, and 300-135, will still reward you with the new Cisco validation. So, whatever your choice, you’ll have the same result!


With your CCNP R&S certification, you will be more than ready to take on all the tough challenges that lie ahead. This certification is an incredible way to improve your knack in various network technologies. Therefore, if you want to become proficient in your field, start with exam 300-101 and soon your skills will be highly in-demand by top organizations around the world. Having time to pass this test opt for PrepAway’s exam dumps and be well-prepared before taking the test.

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